Hate Crime – Report It To Sort It

Why Don’t We has teamed up with Bradford College, Radio 119 and Kirklees Local TV to raise awareness of Disability Hate Crime.

Why Don’t We initiated and coordinates the project after a request from tutor Trisha Knight to work with Health and Social Care Students at the college. WDW has created a presentation which has been delivered to a number of groups. “The impact made by the presentation is impressive, said coordinator, Tony O’Connell, “people who attend tell us that hearing about hate crime, directly from people affected, has a real impact”. Despite this, we are determined to make the presentation even better and appropriate to a wider range of groups.

We spend the mornings at Radio 119, working on examples of hate crime, devising videos and making audio recordings. We then visit the college where everyone works together to create and improve the presentation. The students have come up with word searches, a ‘Splat’ game and are working on the best ways to get the message across. This part of the process has been filmed by Kirklees Local TV so, watch this space!