AGMs shouldn’t be boring!!!

Nick writes – We went to the Bradford Science & media museum and showed our videos In the Cubby Broccoli cinema. Everybody loved them. We went to the Wonderlab for our AGM and then we had our lunch.
We were delighted with the turn out – nearly 40 people enjoyed our videos and helped to make this event a success. Thank you to all of you who joined us for your support.
Our Chair, Steve said, “Following our AGM, I have received some great feedback complimenting the group on their fantastic work and presentations made on their videos. It is great to see that the group are fully Involved in all aspects of the running of the Why Don’t We charity and the partnerships they have built in the community”.
Thank you also to Robin, Sarah, Vicky and team at the museum for hosting our AGM and lending us a posh cinema!
“I feel Why Don’t We are an excellent example of inclusive, meaningful activity group providers”, Jackie.

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