Hate Crime Presentation – What We Thought

“We can speak for ourselves but sometimes we need a little help”…
Mark Burns-Williamson who is the Police and Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire supports Why Don’t We hate crime and mate crime projects. On Monday 16 October Mark and Why Don’t We attended the launch of the mate crime project at Bradford College. Both the group and Mark presented their hard work on mate and hate crime to the invited guests.
Why Don’t We are also hoping to expand on their hate crime and mate crime project and provide training to key groups such as social workers, social care students and teachers.

Chris, Ian and Stuart all attended the launch at Bradford College and here are their reactions:

Chris – “It was wonderful, brilliant and awesome! The Police and Crime Commissioner talked about how to tackle hate crime.”
Ian – “The students were lovely, they came in on their day off and gave a presentation on how wonderful it has been working with Why Don’t We.”
Stuart – “The college students also shared their stories of hate crime.”

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