Why Don’t We have had yet another successful year together!

On Wednesday, 6 September, Why Don’t We hosted their annual general meeting that was a great success. Reverend Malcolm Hendry said, “Annual general meetings are normally boring but Why Don’t We annual general meeting was really fun.”

The charity, funded by The People’s Health Lottery based at Cottingley Cornerstone, Bingley, has gone from strength to strength. The group, which meets every Thursday, has tripled in size since it began in 2015. The ethos of the group is to creatively support adults with learning disabilities to help them achieve the best of their ability.

A major on-going project the group is Be Aware. This project came about because Why Don’t We decided that their current risk assessment was so boring. Therefore, the group came up with a list of things they need to be aware of on a daily basis. They have created downloadable storyboards using pictures they have taken themselves; also, they have created fun videos from these stories.

Last year Why Don’t We played a big role for Bradford Museums and Galleries in helping to choose objects for their summer event, Sneaky Peeks at Bradford City Hall. The group was invited to special behind the scenes tours of the museum stores to help chose objects for display. From this exciting experience, the group were invited to Cliffe Castle to help with visitor experience.

Other projects that will be happening in the near future are Mate Crime funded by the Safer Communities Fund. Another exciting project is happening with Samuel Lister Academy where a number of students will be working with the group on bus safety.

Back in April of this year, Why Don’t We celebrated their success by hosting a party to say thank you to the people who have supported and helped us achieve all the things we have. There was an exhibition of all the pictures the group has taken; from meeting local hero, Richard Dunn to meeting and greeting visitors at City Hall. The celebration also saw the launch of The Book of Faces Volume 1 – a book of people Why Don’t We have met or worked with. There was also a photo booth run by member and photographer Stuart, which started the process for volume 2. There was an amazing buffet provide by Angie of Cottingley Cornerstone and there was lots of singing and dancing.

Why Don’t We are looking forward to the year ahead and carrying on with their creative journey.

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