Why Don’t We team up with the National Citizen Service 27.07.17

Why Don’t We were invited last week to meet young people who are taking part in the National Citizen Service, The Challenge. As part of The Challenge the young people are asked to work with a local charity of their choice and we were that charity of choice.

We met the NCS team at Bradford College last week to meet the young people. Prior to our meeting, the Why Don’t We team thought it would be a brilliant idea to create a fun icebreaker game, because let’s face it, meeting people for the first time can be very scary. So we arrived at Bradford College and we gave a very quick introduction and then went straight into the game.

Before we go any further we need to tell you that Why Don’t We created the game so that both the NCS and WDW can team up and play this game with a new community group – a groovy bunch of line dancers!

Anyway back to what we were saying, WDW introduced the game to the NCS and the ice was now broken. Both teams then came together to help fine tune the game and both teams came up with some fantastic ideas.

Now this time round things started to heat up and the teams had become very competitive and we knew that the game was following WDW’s rule of having fun! Finally after all the excitement of playing the game again we left the NCS team with some important tasks for next week:
1. Naming the game
2. Rules and guidelines
3. Creating a score sheet
4. Designing a logo or mascot
5. Tie breaker question
Find out next week how it all works out when we play the game with the line dancers.

To be continued…

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