“A big fat smile”

A big fat smile is what we gave to at least one of the students at Huddersfield University last week.

We were invited by Geoff Hinds, Senior Lecturer, Health and Community Development, to give a presentation to his Social Policy students. He wanted everyone to know about the work of Why Don’t We. About 20 students turned up who were surprised to be asked to invent their own superhero inspired by our own BatteryMan.

The presentation lasted over an hour with videos and audio recordings about our work, each introduced by a member of the WDW group. “Working with the students was really brilliant”, said Ian, “Everyone got involved.”

Student Ire said, “I really enjoyed this presentation. It is really good to know we have people who care”.

“Why Don’t We’s presentation to our social policy class was both stimulating and fun. It was full of information, videos and activities that really showcased their work and brought it to life. Every member of Why Don’t We contributed to our knowledge  and understanding of the group’s work and the role it plays in the lives of those with learning disabilities. The feedback has been uniformly positive. Please come again next year.”

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