Why don’t we help to make the community safer

Annabel and Robin pick up a big cheque
What an exciting and inspirational evening I had at the Safer Communities Awards Night on the 1st Dec with Why Don’t We.
Mceed by Mark Burnes-Williamson, the Police & Crime Commissioner for West Yorkshire, many charities, community and voluntary groups were there to receive cheques to continue or begin projects which contribute to the safety, health and well-being of our communities.
Why Don’t We was receiving its 3rd award to develop its work on Hate Crime exploring Mate Crime and its impact on lives.
Tony gave a presentation which included  uncomfortable stories from adults with learning disabilities. Many of the people there were moved by the emotional content.
Chris Joyce, Force Crime Prevention Office for West Yorkshire Police was moved too, as his comment illustrates: ‘Your presentation last night was brilliant, the clips produced with and by the group you work with were absolutely on the money, so thank you for sharing them.’
Well done Why Don’t We for bringing the issue to a wider public and on receiving your grant.
Why Don't You at the Safer Communities Awards

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