Why Don’t We Educate Against Hate

The Educate Against Hate conference was organised for head teachers across the Bradford District to look at ways of tackling hate through education. 

Why Don’t We teamed up with Bradford People First to help to open this event. Our job was to mingle with the delegates as they came into the conference and after the opening remarks, our team stood up one by one and read out examples of hate directed at people with a disability. All the statements were from real incidents that we have come across through our work on the hate crime project. A couple of examples are:

“Hate means having to move away from my home and the people I love”.

“Hate means hiding in the school toilets until break is over because of the way people treat me”.

Speaking in front of over 100 people is no easy task but everyone did really well. The statements came over loud and clear and you could hear a pin drop in the room. One delegate said to me “I was very moved by the people who read the examples and it set the tone of the conference perfectly”.

Why Don't We at the Educate Against Hate Conference

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