WDW meets NCS

Why Don’t We went to Culture Fusion to meet NCS (National Citizens Service) a group of 15-17 year olds.

The reason we went to NCS was to talk to them if they would like to work with us at Sneaky Peeks.

Thomas felt the group were very welcoming and were very happy to work with us on Sneaky Peeks and for future projects. They had done a lot of research on Why Don’t We before we arrived.

We had a meeting and NCS spoke about raising money for making leaflets and stickers. They also talked to WDW about accessibility at Bradford City Hall.

NCS are willing to work alongside WDW and be part of our extended family. NCS talked about making a FaceBook page for WDW.

Shannon said “she was shocked at how happy NCS wanted to work with us and how many ideas they had.” On the way home, Khadijah and Harrie talked about the friendliness of the young people and looking forward to working with them on the 28th of July at Sneaky Peeks in Bradford City Hall.

Shannon & Thomas

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