Alex Visits Why Don’t We

I first met Tony through Lloyds Banking Group’s partnership with the School for Social Entrepreneurs. He invited me to visit Why Don’t We and I was intrigued to find out more, so I jumped at the chance.

The team talked me through some of the recent activities such as interviewing Richard Dunn and their upcoming Sneaky Peeks project.

Afterwards, I worked with Stuart and Nick, creating a visual guide to using the centre’s computers. After just a few hours Stuart and Nick had put together a comprehensive visual guide to help newcomers to operate the equipment.

School for Social Entrepreneurs logo

There was an energy and excitement in the room throughout the day. What really impressed me was how everyone was included. The camaraderie and inclusion was inspiring.

It was great to see how Tony and Harrie work with the group, giving them opportunities to express themselves and their interests. I was particularly inspired at lunch time when Tony explained a funding proposal and asked the group for their thoughts. So good to see the group having clear input!

I had a fantastic time and learned so much – thank you to the gang for letting me share their day.

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