Why Don’t We at Royal Armouries

Last November, Why Don’t We was invited to deliver a paper at a conference held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

The theme was ‘new approaches to learning in the cultural sector’ which immediately begged the questions: Are we doing anything that’s new? What are we learning and who is learning it? and Are we in the cultural sector?

Undaunted, we dived in. Harrie and Tony prepared a Powerpoint presentation complete with audio and video clips and rolled up with all the confidence that only a couple of people in total ignorance can have.

Imagine our consternation then when the first attendees we met were from Italy, Spain and Slovinia. Scanning the delegate list we noticed with some trepidation that delegates were representing top museums from across Britain and Europe: the British Museum; the V&A, the National Museum of Ireland, Kranj Library Slovinia etc, they were all there and delivering research based presentations – no pressure then!

When the going gets tough, resort to what you do best – just tell your story. So that’s what we did. People sat up and listened … and laughed in all the right places. But the most important thing was that we were able to take along the images and voices of the people we support and we are proud of that.

After our delivery we spoke to several enthusiastic delegates and were even tweeted about!

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