Why Don’t We at City Hall

Listen to the BBC interview with Why Don't We and MP Judith Cummins.

Bradford owns far more historical items than they can fit into their museums, so much of it is in storage. Why Don't We are working with Bradford Museums on the Sneaky Peeks project which sees City Hall opened to the public with some of these items on display. We were lucky enough to visit one of these stores which was like a magical Aladdin's cave, bursting with interesting items, each with their fascinating stories.

Each member of the Why Don't We team has been invited to choose an item from the stores that interests them. Some of these will be part of the Sneaky Peaks displays at City Hall. Others will be featured as 'Objects of the Month' on the Museums website. Click here to see them.

Everyone has photographed their items and produced a short animated slideshow with commentary for you to enjoy. Choose from the items on the right.

We are still working hard on the animations so that we can have them ready for the start of Sneaky Peeks which runs from July 27th to September 8th. We will be there on July 28th from 1-3 pm come and visit - we'd love to see you! And' it's FREE!!!

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What Bradford Museums said

"Why don’t We" worked with us on choosing and displaying objects from our collections for our pop up museum project ‘Sneaky Peeks’ in Bradford City Hall in 2016. Following several workshop sessions ‘Why don’t We’ informed the way objects were interpreted and presented to the public. Their photography and spoken word describing chosen objects was presented in the display through QR codes with links to their website and on our website through our object of the month programme.

Alongside this use of the latest digital technology,’ Why Don’t We’ members guided visitors and spoke to them about the object they had chosen on two special days. This aspect of their involvement was extremely powerful. People loved meeting the group - their passion and enthusiasm for their chosen pieces was infectious and both staff and the public found their involvement an absolute joy, bringing inanimate historic objects to life in a very special way. Watching Becky from ‘Why Don’t We’ demonstrate the stone quern to older Asian ladies and them describing how they had used a similar object to grind grain into flour in their youth in Pakistan, was one of the highlights of Sneaky Peeks and fantastic piece of community engagement.

Penny Green, Volunteer and Young People Coordinator

What NCS said

“Why Don’t We are an inspiration to be involved with. They spearhead a string of exciting, unique and creative projects; always keeping the members at the heart of everything they do. The group invited a cohort of young people taking part in an NCS programme, to work alongside them on their recent Sneaky Peaks project. Why Don’t We had unique ideas and ways of presenting historical objects in the Bradford Town Hall, giving them story and character, making them attractive and engaging to those who may not usually be interested in such things.

The group had a great willingness to include the young people in their vision for sneaky peaks. This resulted in 12 invested and inspired young people volunteering alongside them at the museum: something that would never have happened without this partnership. Why Don’t We members had a unique approach to recording and celebrating the project, through various arts and media outlets: photography, blogs, presentations, displays and videos. The partnership changed the perceptions of the young people as well as promoted the amazing projects that people living with a learning disability are capable of achieving through creativity.”

Danielle Martin, Assistant Programme Manager.