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Successful Collaboration

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Since Xmas, Why Don’t We has been working with Radio 119 and Bradford College to improve our already popular Disability Hate Crime presentation. In the mornings, we worked with the Radio 119 team and then went up to the college … Continued

Magical Mystery Tour

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On Thursday 8 June, Why Don’t We went on a “Magical Mystery   Tour “. We felt nervous and we did not know what to expect. When we arrived at The Artworks 1830 Gallery, some of us were still unsure on what … Continued

Celebration Time, Come On!

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We have come to the end of the first project funded by the People’s Health Lottery. Their support has enabled us to establish a weekly group which runs at Cottingley Cornerstone Centre. The trust have agreed to fund us for … Continued

“A big fat smile”

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A big fat smile is what we gave to at least one of the students at Huddersfield University last week. We were invited by Geoff Hinds, Senior Lecturer, Health and Community Development, to give a presentation to his Social Policy … Continued

Why Don’t We Educate Against Hate

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The Educate Against Hate conference was organised for head teachers across the Bradford District to look at ways of tackling hate through education.  Why Don’t We teamed up with Bradford People First to help to open this event. Our job was to … Continued

Sell out crowd for WDW presentation

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Why Don’t We’s contribution to Hate Crime Awareness week was a presentation to students at Bradford College. There was space for 45 but the college received 180 bookings!  There was a lively crowd from Health and Social Care, Public Services and Engineering … Continued

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Why Don't We at Bradford College


Since January 2015, Why Don’t We has been working in partnership with hft’s Radio 119 to raise awareness of disability hate crime. We were invited to present our work to fifty Social Work and Social Care students and staff from Bradford College and Bradford University.

 DSC_3067 Low-Res

Typically, the technology took some time to sort out but there was no need to worry because Chris rose to the occasion and kept everyone interested and entertained whilst we sorted it out.

DSC_3068 Low-Res



Alan did a brilliant job as quiz master and kept everyone in order.

The quiz went down extremely well. It was a great, almost fun, way to present a very serious subject and kept everyone’s attention.

DSC_3062 Low-Res


The rest of the team were busy too. Louise and Rebecca gave out and collected quiz sheets and made sure that everyone was comfortable.

Stuart took the pictures.

We had some great quotes from participants.

Hayley wrote: “More people need to be aware of hate crime and more will be reported”.

Ayesha told us: “I liked that real stories from real people were told as they gave us a clear understanding of how people with disabilities feel”.

Well done team!


Why Don't We at Royal Armouries


We were invited to give a talk at this conference on Tuesday 17th November at the Royal Armouries, Leeds.  

We had half an hour to discribe our journey as we created Why Don’t We. This included slides of Viz-Able and the groups’ achievements and its survival as the recession hit. More visuals of Battery Man with a discussion of the hard work putting together the Why Don’t We community group and becoming a charity. The audience heard and saw how the monies acquired for Healthy Eating Project as well as the Hate Crime groups culminating with the amazing day at Bradford College.

Delegates from museums, associated charities and educators from across UK and Europe listened and laughed in all the right places. Our new Thursday group and our future took pride of place.

Why Don’t We look right, felt bright and will shine on.  So agreed all who were in the audience.

Thank you to Emma King for the invite.